Dear Scio 7th Grade Parents/Guardians,

We are beyond excited to announce that our students will be participating in Outdoor School programming!  Traditionally, a residential option would be available but due to COVID-19, that is impossible this school year.  HOWEVER, many dedicated people have come together to build an Outdoor School option that is as close to an in-person experience as possible.  The even better news that students who were unable to attend last spring are eligible to participate this year.  We fully recognize that this is not the same as past Outdoor School experiences but we hold every confidence that with positivity and enthusiasm, we can offer students chances to connect with the outdoors, build positive relationships with peers and learn new things about themselves along the way.

While attending Outdoor School, students are expected to fully participate and follow recommended schedules.  Expectations will be outlined in student Field Journals.  Each student will receive a backpack with afield journal and all other necessary items to complete field activities each day.  Keeping in the spirit of traditional outdoor school programming, we have limited our virtual interactions so that students can focus on time and connection in the outdoors.

The majority of the day will be spent completing self-guided field activities with small bursts of time for virtual sessions.  Cabin Leaders will meet daily with cabin groups to introduce games and cabin unity activities.  Field Instructors will meet daily with field groups wo facilitate conversation and sharing about field activities.  These virtual sessions will be no longer than 30 minutes each and will be jam packed with important concepts.

Outdoor School is part of the regular school curriculum.  Lessons are aligned with content standards and students are expected to participate and attend.  If students are not present at assigned virtual sessions, they will be marked absent for the day unless arrangements have been made prior.

How can you support your child during Outdoor School?  Get excited with your student!  Ask them to share their materials and field journal.  Each day, discuss what they did during their field activities and have them share with you new things learned.  Ask them about their Cabin Leader and Field Instructors.  Encourage them to stay on track with the daily schedule. 

The dates for virtual Outdoor School are February 17, 18, and 19.



Greg Nolan

Scio Middle School Principal

Scio Middle School Athletic Director

Special Education Director

38875 NW 1st Avenue

Scio, OR  97374

(503) 394-3271